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About TracksNet

TracksNet provides a way to manage and analyze huge amounts of measurement data taken at various times so railways can plan maintenance operations and monitor the impact of those activities.


Tracksnet works architecture is able to easily scale storage size and computing power with little initial investment.

User expandability

The system permits user to add data sources and data types, following the evolution of their data acquisition means and data usage practices.

Compliance with standards

TracksNet incorporates applicable formal or de-facto standards of the rail industry into his data management system (rail configuration requirements, track geometry evaluation and quality, ecc.).

Customization of output

The system gives access to the data so users can interrogate the database by building their own queries. User is able to see the data in different ways as their needs require.

Good user experience

The system is easy and intuitive to use.


Data is accessible for a user in many different locations - in the rail yard, travelling on a vehicle, in the back office, or wherever the work of data review and evaluation needs to be done.

Manage thresholds, validate defects, and generate real-time reports with just a few clicks.

TracksNet fully integrates with existing asset management systems

Full access to all measurement data

Manage thresholds with real-time editing

Defect management including validation of suspected defects

Customize stripcharts in real time

Drag and drop, hide, and resize widgets

Save your layouts, rename and reload them

Export data to files of different formats

We work closely with our customers to ensure quick commissioning, successful system integration, and the very best support.

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